Question Answer
Can I make picks online through this website? Are there any plans to allow this in the future? No, due to Nevada Gaming Regulations, picks cannot be made online. All changes to picks must be done in person at any Station Casinos property. (Picks do not have to be made at the property where you signed up for the contest.)
Where are weekly winners and prizes posted? On this web site click on the "Weekly Winners/Overall Stats" tab to view winners for each week. Then click on any week to show each week's winners. Weekly and End-of-Contest winners are also posted in the Sports Books area of all Station Casinos where the contest is offered.
Can I check my season standings online? Yes. Click the "Your Stats" tab. Then, click each "View Entry" tab (A, B, C) to see the total season wins and losses for each entry. You will find this is under "Season Totals" at the right side of the screen.
What if I am unable to make picks for a week? Entries with picks missing for a week are only eligible for Weekly prizes. They are not eligible for End-of-Contest prizes. In order to be eligible for End-of-Contest prizes, each entry is required to have selections made for every week that the contest is offered.
What is the cut-off time for picks to be made or changed? Selections must be made before the start of the first game listed in the contest each the week. For each week this season, the cut-off time is Sunday at 10AM Pacific Standard Time.
Where can I find a breakdown of contest prizes? On this website click on the "Rules" tab to view all the Rules and a table of prizes. A copy of the Rules can also be obtained at any participating property.
How can I compare my standings to other contestants? Online, click the "Weekly Winners/Overall Stats" tab. The right side of the screen shows the number of entries in each of the top five "standing brackets" for each category: "Most Winners" and "Most Losers". For the "Fiddle-in-the-Middle" category, this area also shows the number of entries which currently have the same number of wins and losses. Whenever an odd number of games have been played to date, this area may show two rows, which are considered to be "in equal standing".